get to know nic & V

Sincerely NV was born out of a craving for a creative outlet, the desire to build something bigger than ourselves and to create an innovative way of sustainable living. We strive to empower those who value individuality and sustainability through our carefully curated collection of handmade home decor and accessories.

All of our products will always be made with reclaimed or sustainable materials because we firmly believe in our commitment to being eco-friendly. No matter how big we scale our company, Sincerely NV will continue to source fair trade and handmade products - never forgetting that we founded this company on transparency. We want to empower you - our lovely customers - to care about where their products are coming from by taking pride in our own commitment!



Driven by a desire to build her own fashion empire, Nicole is an industrious dreamer with a hint of both confidence and sass. When she isn’t busy watching cute animal videos or drinking a cup of coffee, she can be found in the studio; looking for a new outlet to express her creative mind.



Often found in a leather jacket (despite 30 degree weather), Veronica is someone who does what she wants, when she wants. Call it stubborn - she calls it determination. With a background in music, event production and management, she also has quite a streak of OCD. Combine all those things, and she’s a fiery half of the SINCERELY NV duo.



JOINING THE Sustainable wave

With creativity and ingenuity, Sincerely NV strives to create a less wasteful society with our one-of-a-kind sustainable textiles and zero waste products.


One-of-a-kind Product

We source a variation of chenille, velvet, cotton, linen and more to create our statement home decor and accessories. Designs may be similar however each item is exclusively unique.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Our vision is to create beautiful one-of-a-kind products from sustainable textiles. Working in textile and fashion industries, we see first hand how wasteful we can be. With just a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, we can create a less wasteful society.

Customized Orders

Making a collection of up-cycled products isn't our only forte! We love creative minds like yours. Let's design something together!