Finding the right epitome button down jacket that connected us and the SINCERELY NV brand was crucial in our hunt...

We found Bennie in the midst of a huge Salvation Army Thrift store in Mississauga. Accompanied by an 80's cigarette cut bottom, the pink caught our eye - and was why we bought it in the first place. We didn't know what we had in mind yet for this jacket, but this had to be part of our collection, it'd be an epic transformation. 

We repurposed Polyester, it's forgivable I sweaaarrr!!!!

Everyone always confesses their hate for polyester - can't blame them, it is the most environmentally harmful in fabric production and most of the time doesn't feel so great against the skin. However, what better way in a shitty fashion situation but to repurpose that polyester, make it feel luxurious, and add some silk? Okay, you guys must think I'm crazy. But the only way that that worked, was because the imitated feeling of suede that the polyester possessed. GENIUS! 

The Pearl trend

We see pearls scattered all over the front and back of jackets, so I thought that it'd be cool to spice things up a bit and add them where no pearl has ever been before - on the cap of ya gurl's shoulder. The thought process behind this was that I needed to find a way to hold some sort of structure to Bennie, given it's delicate physique. Bennie came with shoulder pads which gave too much unwanted structure. So to tone it down a notch: give the girl who wore Bennie the shoulders every girl wants, with the daintiness Bennie already offers. 

Here you have it ladies, a jacket that best describes Nic & V's demeanour and brand: luxouriously one-of-a-kind and pink!