Anna Lee x SNV


Anna Lee. YouTube handle: @thereshegoes. 


A boho-ethereal-ESQUE jacket made for a girl who's style screams #closetgoals! The Hamsa is a sign of protection, designed to bring good blessings. This one's to all the good vibes you deserve.


We LOVE Anna's style and her enthusiastic demeanor towards fashion.  We first decided to work with Anna once we realized that the best way to demonstrate the brand's integrity is to collaborate with someone who already is familiar with the importance of buying second-hand. The jacket given was one of Anna's personal jackets she picked up on one of her thrifting hauls a while back. It was a plain canvas: your average button detailing, a built-in back flap along the shoulders, and a muted army green.


Check out Anna's channel here to see her reaction and here to see how she styles the jacket!