Let's get real...

2018-09-05 03.30.52 1.jpg

If you haven't noticed, for the past couple of months, the SNV girls have been on the down-low. We've taken a lot of time to process this past year of craziness to truly create something true to who we are. And I can't lie - we've had some rough patches, but it's all a part of the process.

As young entrepreneurs trying to find their way through this maze of creativity and business ownership, I must say, we've learned a lot. Learned a lot about our shortcomings and strengths; opportunities and networks; and the list goes on.

And one of the biggest lessons we've learned is how to evolve.   

SNV started with a kick ass friendship and a love for fashion. As our daily lives have changed, our friendship and passion has always stayed the same. So, we have some news for those of you that have been following the journey...

First off, SNV will soon be your new go-to for handmade accessories and home decor!

Introducing our first line of tote bags, pouches and pillow cases all made from up-cycled fabric! All styles will still be one of a kind, handmade and cool as f---. Think mid-century modern, meets eclectic boho chic. We've just finished up some really cool samples and we can't wait to share!

Secondly, we will no longer be focusing on reworking vintage jackets, but will keep our custom orders open as a service for those who still want something personalized!

Want your last name embroidered on a jacket? Maybe a phrase on a bag? Need a jacket tailored to fit? We'll always keep the option open for our fellow creatives and individualistic minds! We'd love to collaborate with you. 

And finally, we'd like to announce that we will start posting new products on our Etsy shop!

Etsy is THE place for handmade, one of a kind and super cool vintage. Visit our shop here in the future for those tote bags, pouches and pillow cases. Also.. Who knows? We might come up with something new again. (wall hangings, anybody?)

This past year and a half as been nothing short of blessings - and we can't wait for what this next chapter has in store. 

 - Nic & V

Sincerely NV