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all of our products are made entirely from upholstery and drapery off-cut fabrics that would otherwise be sent to landfills

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From our fabric sources, to the hands that create the product, we want everyone to know that we care about every step of what we do.


get to know nic & v

Sincerely NV was born out of a craving for a creative outlet, the desire to build something bigger than ourselves and to create an innovative way of sustainable living.

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Want to know where sincerely nv will be headed next? we’ll keep you in the loop.

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16x26 Eclectic Lumbar Pillow Cover

Let’s admit it, we all need a lumbar pillow in our lives. Now let’s make it a statement.

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Ready Set Circle Throw Pillow

It’s the perfect couch pillow for all those lazy days - and naps. There’s something calming about a circle, right?

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20x20 Eclectic Pillow Cover

A cover made exactly to fit over your standard square pillow. Ditch the plain home decor and go for one-of-a-kind.

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