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The Process

With creativity and ingenuity, Sincerely NV strives to create a less wasteful society with our one-of-a-kind sustainable textiles and zero waste products. From our fabric sources, to the hands that create the product, we want everyone to know that Sincerely NV cares about every step of the process. We strive to continuously educate ourselves on sustainability and to provide this knowledge to you.

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All Sincerely NV products are made from upholstery and drapery fabrics sourced from local cutting rooms and production studios. We make our items with a mixture of off-cuts and remnants, breathing new life into textiles that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. Every week, one small studio accumulates up to 8 full garbage bags of textile waste; multiply that by the many studios in the Greater Toronto Area alone. Now you can start to paint a picture of how much this industry contributes to the waste in landfills. We began to see an obvious flaw in this aspect of design and production, and knew there was a better way. We have made it our goal to continuously find and maintain partnerships with studios. Our company looks to our neighbours and fellow business for ways to raise our environmental awareness and collectively make a change.

The process begins with collection

Large quantities of fabric are gathered together and brought to the Sincerely NV studio for sorting. Because we do not order new textiles, our own collection of products depends entirely on the surprise bag of goodies collected from various studios - we never know what we’re gonna get! This is what keeps each item one-of-a-kind. We receive a wide range of textures, patterns and colours, depending on the season. Sometimes we get multiple yards of one fabric; sometimes they’re small 0.5 meter remnants, but regardless of size, we find a use for them. We even collect the 10”x10” pieces found in sample booklets!

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Now here’s the fun part - design.

We’ll be honest… a lot of nonsense scribbling goes into this part of our process. The inner geeky-artist takes over, and we think of designs that can use up even our smaller sized remnants.
We like to call it frankenstein-ing - although ‘patchwork’ seems to be a prettier word.

Patterns are measured out and drafted by hand either onto kraft paper or tracing paper for continuous reuse. At the moment, we have a wide range of products including: pillow covers, throw pillows, tote bags and pouches. But be on the lookout; we are currently working on our own series of meditation cushions and rounds! And maybe some other goodies in the near future? Who knows how crazy we can get.

If you have an idea for a product you think we could make, give us a shout! We are always looking to expand our product line in creative ways.

Fun fact: We purposely make our square and lumbar pillow covers 1-2” smaller than the pillow form it’s meant for. This gives a fuller and fluffier look when stuffed with your choice of pillow form!


Each item in our collection is comprised of multiple textures, colours and patterns, hand picked by yours truly! A lot of thought is put into pairing together textiles to create the right balance of contrast and continuity. If you’ve ever seen our studio during this stage, it might look a little horrifying - but we promise you, there’s a method to the madness. All fabrics get spread out in the workspace for us to see, and in the words of Marie Kondo, we begin choosing the fabrics that “spark joy”. We like to mix our gut feeling with a healthy dose of colour theory to ultimately create our own eclectic style. For the most part, looks are not replicated - but c’mon, some combinations of fabrics are just too good not to repeat.

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Veronica loves: mixing neutral shades in varied textures with a pop of colour

All fabrics are then cut, serged and sewn together either by us in our home studio or by our fabulous seamstress.

Products are finished with a canvas label, hand stamped with ‘SNV’ (notice a pattern here?)
Yes, you read it right - our labels are handmade! Measured out, stamped, heat-set and cut by hand. It’s an extra step, but it’s our little signature, reminding you that your goodies are made with care every step of the way. Making our own labels also means that we outsource one less thing from large production factories - win!

Product tags are currently being re-vamped. The efficiency of traditional tagging guns seemed great at first, but if we came all this way being so thoughtful in our design process, why stop at tagging and packaging? Our new and improved tags will be printed on eco friendly card stock and secured with hemp twine. Goodbye plastic tagger tails and glossy coated price tags!